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Subscription Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") is a paid value-added service provided by Mana Games HK Limited (hereinafter referred to as "MANAGENE GAMES") for MANAGENE GAMES Members (hereinafter referred to as "you"). A MANAGENE GAMES user refers to a user who accepts the MANAGENE GAMES TERMS OF USE and uses the MANAGENE GAMES services under the relevant MANAGENE GAMES user protocols. MANAGENE GAMES Subscription Service is an automatically authorized subscription renewal fees deduction service performed by MANAGENE GAMES for MANAGENE GAMES Members. MANAGENE GAMES users can only enjoy the services after paying Service fee to MANAGENE GAMES.

MANAGENE GAMES hereby reminds you that you must carefully read the Subscription Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the Service Agreement") and ensure that you fully understand the terms of this Agreement, especially the terms regarding exemption of MANAGENE GAMES's liability or restrictions on your rights. Minors should be accompanied by legal guardian(s) or your parent(s) while reading this Service Agreement. Please read carefully and choose to accept or reject this Service Agreement. You shall not have the right to use this Service unless you fully accept all the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement and complete payment. Your activation of this Service will be deemed as evidence that you have accepted this Agreement and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

This Service Agreement is concluded based on the TERMS OF USE for MANAGENE GAMES software and is an integral part of the TERMS OF USE. At the same time, various protocols and rules regarding the MANAGENE GAMES Subscription Service issued by MANAGENE GAMES from time to time are also part of this Service Agreement. If you choose to accept this Service Agreement and activate the Service, you will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by this Agreement, the TERMS OF USE and various protocols and rules, and will abide by them. If you do not accept this Service Agreement or do not pay as agreed, you will not be able to enjoy the Service.

If you are under the age of 18 (or the age required by the youth protection law in your place of residence), you and your parents or guardians must read this agreement together. You know and confirm: Your parents or guardians should read and accept this agreement before using the subscription service provided by MANAGENE GAMES.

Your parent or guardian shall be responsible for your legal capacity to accept this agreement and all the terms of the subscription service provided by MANAGENE GAMES.

This Service Agreement can be updated by MANAGENE GAMES at any time. Before making the above changes or modifications, MANAGENE GAMES will publish the modified content on the relevant pages of MANAGENE GAMES. Once the updated service agreement is announced, it will replace the original agreement without further notice. You can check the latest version of the service agreement on this website.

1. Service Content

1) This Service includes a variety of exclusive value-added services provided by MANAGENE GAMES for you, and the specific content will be displayed on the MANAGENE GAMES Subscription Service page.

1.1) This service is a service launched based on the user's demand for automatic subscription. The user authorizes MANAGENE GAMES from the user’s own recharge account, third-party payment account bound to the user’s account, bank card, communication account, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “account”) to be on behalf of [24] hours before the expiration of the user’s subscription validity period. The fee for the next billing cycle is deducted. The billing cycle includes but is not limited to weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, etc. (see the purchase page for specific fees, subject to the service category selected by the user). In order to realize the aforementioned services, users must bind the aforementioned accounts with platforms such as APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY, or MANAGENE GAMES user accounts, so that platforms such as APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY can successfully deduct money from their aforementioned accounts.

1.2) Automatic subscription specifically means that, based on Article 1.1 of this agreement, platforms such as APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY will deduct the next billing period of the user who uses the MANAGENE GAMES automatic subscription service through the above account, and the user can enjoy the corresponding subscription service in the next billing period. The user shall ensure that platforms such as APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY can successfully deduct money from the above account, and that the automatic subscription failure caused by the insufficient deductible balance in the above account shall be borne by the user.

2) MANAGENE GAMES may change or modify the relevant service content, rules and terms of this agreement according to its business development or technical upgrades. Before making the above changes or modifications, MANAGENE GAMES will publish the modified content on the relevant pages of MANAGENE GAMES. If the user does not agree to the modification of this agreement, he can cancel the service he has obtained and stop using it in accordance with Article 3.4 of this agreement; if the user continues to use the service provided by MANAGENE GAMES, it is deemed that the user has accepted all the modifications of this agreement.

3) This service is designed for the convenience of users to pay. The user can choose whether to cancel. If the user does not choose to cancel the automatic subscription function, it is deemed that the user agrees to the deduction attempt by MANAGENE GAMES according to certain rules. Once the deduction is successful, MANAGENE GAMES will be the user Activate the service for the next billing cycle.

2. Service Fee

1) This Service is calculated in units of days (calculated by natural day). When you activate this Service, you can choose a service period according to your needs (including but not limited to: 3 days, 1 month, and 3 months; one month is 30 natural days). The service fee standard (including service period) is based on the price displayed on the page when you activate this Service.

2) MANAGENE GAMES may adjust the service fee standard at any time according to the actual situation. The adjusted priority service fee standard will be displayed on the service payment page. You may enjoy or continue the Service after paying according to the adjusted service fee standard. For Members who have purchased this Service according to the original service fee standard, the Service they enjoy will not be affected within the service period obtained, and there is no need to make up the difference.

3) Aforementioned service fee is exclusive of any country, province, federal, state or local taxes, including without limitation, any sales or use taxes, value-added tax (“VAT”) or similar taxes or fees. If MANAGENE GAMES is required to collect or pay any taxes in connection with your purchase of the Service according to the prevailing tax law and regulations, such taxes will be charged to you at the time of each purchase transaction.

3. Service Activation,Automatic Renewal and Termination

1) You may enjoy this Service after paying the service fee through the payment channel provided by MANAGENE GAMES. You should guarantee that the payment in the process of using the service is the disposal behavior of your personal property.

2) The service term is calculated from the date of service activation, and the specific term of validity can be viewed on your personal page.

3) You know and agree that the payment of this service is realized by automatic renewal. Automatic renewal is a service launched to avoid the loss caused by members' failure to renew in time due to negligence or other reasons. The Member hereby irrevocably authorizes that when the Subscription Service's validity period is about to expire, MANAGENE GAMES may deduct the Service Fee from the third-party payment account ("Payment Account") as necessary to pay for the next billing period (subject to the service period selected by the Member when activating MANAGENE GAMES Subscription Service),provided that Member have bound their accounts opened with Man Games with the aforesaid accounts from which charges may be successfully deducted.

“Automatic Subscription Renewal Fees Deduction” shall mean a deduction method by which MANAGENE GAMES charges the fees from you for the next billing period from the aforesaid accounts based on the premise set forth in Article 3, you are required to ensure that MANAGENE GAMES may successfully deduct the fees from the aforesaid accounts and shall be solely responsible for the failure of renewal due to inadequate and deductible balance of the aforesaid accounts.

4) For subscription services purchased in a MANAGENE GAMES played on a platform such as Apple Store or Google Play, the platform will charge you for the subscription fee and the platform’s payment terms will apply. You can also contact us through the email []. Please review the appropriate platform’s payment terms for additional information.

You may cancel a subscription at any time directly through the platform. For instructions on how to cancel a subscription, please review the customer support websites of the platforms.

For iOS users:

[Settings] - [Apple ID] - [Subscription] - [Subscribing] - [Cancel Subscription]

For Google Play users:

[Play Store] - [Menu Bar] - [Subscription] - [Cancel Subscription]

Special note: you need to activate MANAGENE GAMES Automatic renewal function and Subscription Service at the same time. MANAGENE GAMES Automatic renewal function can be cancelled at any time. For the cancellation method, please refer to the instructions in the "Help Center" in the MANAGENE GAMES App. Please carefully consider whether to activate this Service.

5) The instruction that the user has entrusted MANAGENE GAMES to automatically subscribe to the deduction before choosing to terminate the service is still valid. MANAGENE GAMES will not refund the deducted fee based on the instruction, and I hope that the user will understand.

4. Your Rights and Obligations

1) Members who have activated the MANAGENE GAMES Subscription Service shall equally enjoy the right to the Service and shall abide by all MANAGENE GAMES protocols and rules, including but not limited to this Service Agreement, the MANAGENE GAMES TERMS OF USE, and the MANAGENE GAMES Privacy Policy.

2) You are solely responsible for any losses related to the suspension of the Service due to your violation of this Service Agreement or the MANAGENE GAMES TERMS OF USE.

3) You may enjoy various value-added services displayed on the MANAGENE GAMES Service page within the service term.

4) If the Subscription is not canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current billing period, it shall be deemed that you agree to MANAGENE GAMES' unscheduled withholding attempts in accordance with certain rules. Upon successful withholding, MANAGENE GAMES will activate the Subscription for the next billing period on behalf of you. If you terminate or cancel the Service within the service term, MANAGENE GAMES will not be responsible for refunding the service fee corresponding to your remaining MANAGENE GAMES Subscription Service term.

5) When you use this Service, you should abide by the various laws, regulations, rules, regulatory documents and MANAGENE GAMES' management rules. You shall not obtain the rights and interests of this Service by improper means, lend, rent, sell or otherwise provide your account to others, or use this Service for illegitimate benefits. Otherwise, MANAGENE GAMES has the right to suspend the provision of this Service to you and not refund the service fee that has been charged, while you shall bear all the responsibility and consequences arising therefrom.

5. MANAGENE GAMES' Rights and Obligations

1) MANAGENE GAMES is obliged to ensure that Members who comply with this Service Agreement, the MANAGENE GAMES TERMS OF USE, and various protocols and rules can use the Service normally. When a technical failure affects the normal provision of the Service, MANAGENE GAMES shall eliminate the failure as soon as possible, but MANAGENE GAMES shall not be liable for any losses to Members resulting therefrom.

2) Without your authorization, MANAGENE GAMES shall not publish, edit or disclose the non-public information you have, except as otherwise expressly stipulated by laws and regulations and specified in the MANAGENE GAMES TERMS OF USE.

3) MANAGENE GAMES will notify and make announcements to you on the platform.

4) MANAGENE GAMES does not assume any responsibility for the interruption or other defects of this Service due to force majeure but will try its best to reduce the loss and impact caused to you.

5) In the event of business developments or technical upgrades or otherwise, MANAGENE GAMES may change or modify the relevant service contents, rules and terms of this Agreement at its discretion. In this circumstance, MANAGENE GAMES will publicize such changes or modifications beforehand on the relevant web pages of MANAGENE GAMES without additional notice to you. If you disagree with any modifications to this Agreement, it may cancel and stop using the Service; if you continue to use the Service provided by MANAGENE GAMES, it is deemed that you have accepted all of such modifications made to this Agreement.

6) If you deliberately act to damage the legitimate rights and interests of MANAGENE GAMES or other MANAGENE GAMES users during your use of this Service, or on the occurrence of related situations specified in the MANAGENE GAMES TERMS OF USE, MANAGENE GAMES has the right to suspend the provision of this Service to you without any compensation and reserves the right to pursue legal liability against you.

7) If you violate laws and regulations during your use of this Service, MANAGENE GAMES has the right to suspend the provision of this Service to you without any compensation, and you shall bear all the responsibilities resulting therefrom.

8) You shall have access to the particulars about automatic renewal, while MANAGENE GAMES is not responsible for printing related invoices or delivering them to you.

9) MANAGENE GAMES shall transfer the Service Fee on the date it is withheld for the next billing period from your Payment Account, which will be recorded in your Payment History, and the service's validity period will be extended accordingly.

10) Where any error arises in the withholding process, MANAGENE GAMES and you shall closely cooperate to identify the cause and severally bear any losses incurred due to their faults; any losses incurred that are not equally attributable to both Parties shall be borne to the extent of their own liabilities; in case of joint responsibility, both parties shall share the responsibility equally.

11) If the price of Subscription Service is adjusted at the time of or before automatic renewal, the price when you activate Subscription Service shall prevail.

12) MANAGENE GAMES activates this Service for you without charge; however, MANAGENE GAMES reserves the right to decide whether or not to charge for the Service itself or adjust the automatic subscription renewal fee deduction period and fees based on business needs or market changes. In such case, MANAGENE GAMES shall make announcements to you on the relevant web pages.

6. Other Terms

1) MANAGENE GAMES has the right to modify or change the terms of this Service Agreement in accordance with the development of the Internet, the changes of relevant laws, regulations and regulatory documents, or for MANAGENE GAMES business development needs.

2) If you do not agree to the changes made by MANAGENE GAMES to the relevant terms of this Service Agreement, you have the right to stop using this Service. If you continue to use it, you will be deemed to have accepted the changes made by MANAGENE GAMES to the relevant terms of this Service Agreement.

3) If any dispute shall arise in connection with these Terms, we strongly encourage you to first contact us directly to seek a resolution by going to our customer support site at []. Unless otherwise stipulated by applicable laws, these Terms shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong, as an agreement wholly performed, negotiated and executed therein without regard to Hong Kong’s conflict of law rules. Any disputes relating in any way to or arising under or out of your use of the Game or these Terms shall be binding upon the arbitration held by the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (“CIETAC”).

4) The copyright of this Service Agreement is owned by MANAGENE GAMES, and MANAGENE GAMES reserves the right to interpret and modify it.